Video - Mercedes Pagode W113 Restoration (21)

Videa Mercedes Benz W113 Mercedes Pagode W113 Restoration (21)

Mercedes Pagode W113 Restoration (21)

The car is a good as finished. We are just waiting for the radio to come back from the specialist. We are installing a period Becker Mexico (which has Sendersuchlauf and is a small miracle in pre digital engineering) in combination with an IPod and a superflat amplifier (so it fits under the seat). The Becker needed some maintanace. The softtop has been re-adjusted, windows frame re-installed and adjusted to they fit perfectly with the softtop (difficult job, but Nico could do it of course...). Powersteering house was overhauled (when in Rome...) and some more jobs. The car now drives as it drove when it came out of the factory: perfect! No noise but engine noise. Respect for Mercedes for designing and producing making such a fantastic car over 45 years ago! Make sure to watch all the other updates: this is the most complete (private) online documentation of a Pagode restoration.

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