Video - Mercedes Pagode W113 Restoration (20)

Videa Mercedes Benz W113 Mercedes Pagode W113 Restoration (20)

Mercedes Pagode W113 Restoration (20)

Since the car arrived back from Urk, it was stored away until a Pagode specialist could finish the work and check over the whole car. This meant that the car could not be driven. But as the 'summer' this year was extremely bad, it wan't so much of a loss. The car is now in the hands of Nico since October. And as we have decided to go for perfection, some things have been redone. Everybody is still smiling, as the result is very beautiful! The video did not turn out so nice due to bad lighting, so I decided for this alternative. Gives more info plus the possibility to add some 'before' pictures. If it runs to fast, just pause the movie.... Make sure to watch all the other updates: this is the most complete (private) online documentation of a Pagode restoration. I do not own the rights to the music used. So this update cannot be viewed in Germany.



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