Video - Mercedes M-class Distronic Plus And Bas Plus

Videa Mercedes Benz M-Class Mercedes M-class Distronic Plus And Bas Plus

Mercedes M-class Distronic Plus And Bas Plus

Continually braking and accelerating in stop-and-go traffic or when driving bumper-to-bumper on a motorway is a tiring chore which the DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control system can take care of for you. This highly advanced cruise control system is not only able to maintain a set distance to the vehicle ahead at speeds up to 200 km/h, but can also cope with stop-and-go driving. If the flow of vehicles slows down, the system brakes your vehicle gently and accelerates it again when the opportunity arises. Should more forceful braking be called for, DISTRONIC PLUS gives audible and visual warnings. If you then press the brake pedal, the BAS PLUS Brake Assist system generates the optimum brake pressure and stops your vehicle safely. Whether you are travelling at high or low speed, DISTRONIC PLUS keeps an eye on the separation distance.

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