Video - Mercedes G-CLASS G500 Off Road day

Videa Mercedes Benz G-Class Mercedes G-CLASS G500 Off Road day

Mercedes G-CLASS G500 Off Road day

A Mercedes G-Wagen movie i shot last september this time with proper video equipment. Featuring some really nice climbs on soft red sand, showing how the newly installed 5.0 V8 takes this G-class, originaly a W460 1979 230G (90 horsepower :)), everywhere or almost. "The Nasty" is fitted with Mudzilla tires, with the front locker not working that day. The 5.0 V8 engine comes from a sedan W126 500SE, it delivers something like 240 horsepower and 400N.m of torque, enough to pull the 2.5 tonns LWB on any slope. A moment after we started shooting, the engine started to misfire; we later found out that the fuel tank had only like 25 liters in it, fuel had trouble reaching the engine on some hard slopes. I hope you'll enjoy the vid. Please rate, comment and subscribe to my channel. Thank you

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