Video - Mercedes E55 AMG Alpine F1 BOOT ICE INSTALLATION

Videa Mercedes Benz F1 Mercedes E55 AMG Alpine F1 BOOT ICE INSTALLATION


A fabulous automobile deserves a fabulous sound system. We gave our customer a full multi-media system plus more. Incorporating DVD/CD multi-changer, DVD/CD full control unit, Sat Nav, Media control manager and rear screens. Alpine F1 Status Speakers specially built in the front and rear doors. Alpine F1 Status Amplifiers and Crossovers custom built in front of 2 hidden 12" Infinity subs, running over 2000w for awesome bass. The latest 15 Farad CamPower cap securing constant power. As a final touch, a rear view camera fitted so as soon as the reverse gear is selected, instant rear view. Quality at it's best... Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Ford, Vaxhaull... Everything you see illustrated is available from RudeCar. Whether you just want to buy, to have fitted or both. Need some help? Just ring us or e-mail, we are here to help and advice! Tel: 01344 876087 Email:

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