Video - Mercedes E190 2.6 W201 Hifonics [HD]

Videa Mercedes Benz W201 Mercedes E190 2.6 W201 Hifonics [HD]

Mercedes E190 2.6 W201 Hifonics [HD]

Mercedes Benz E190 3.2l - W201 with an impressive audio sound system Hifonics. The measured sound pressure is 143.2 db.This Mercedes has been heavily modified. The engine was changed from 2.6l to 3.2l and delivers about 250 HP. The car audio system includes: Integrated monitor with DVB-T in center console, 2 x "38 Hifonics bass + 1 x special woofer, in front doors each have 2 x16 kick bass, 2 x tweeters in dashboard, embedded in rear doors each have a speaker, tweeter and monitor, 4 x three-way systems the parcel shelf, 5 x Hifonics amplifiers, 5 x car batteries evo



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