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Background: Weapon7 a London based digital agency tasked Radium Audio to design the emotion and sound on the new Mercedes E-Class Coupé microsite. How we did it: The sound design & music on the site is about conveying an emotive story at the same time re-enforcing the brand essence of Mercedes Benz and their new E-Class Coupé. We worked closely with Weapon7 to articulate the emotion behind the new E-Class Coupé car, with the information being typed out within each of the films, our role was to design the sounds to convey the emotion behind each of the micro-stories that each film tells. We opted to design the sounds using an aetheral mood, which would augment the feeling and relationship between driver and car. Each film is beautifully shot, and the sound design and music re-enforces many of the sentiments within the story of the new E-Class Coupé. We are very proud of our work on this microsite, and think that the tone is set perfect for Mercedes Benz, E-Class Coupé which is elegance, premium, safe & attractive quality car with many innovative features. Sounds we created include: Music, written type detail sfx, movements, swooshes, eye sound design, intricate sfx detail, foley, background tracks, magical elements, cars passing, approaching, musical builds Music & Sound by:

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