Video - Mercedes CLS 55 AMG in Skopje Macedonia

Videa Mercedes Benz Vaneo Mercedes CLS 55 AMG in Skopje Macedonia

Mercedes CLS 55 AMG in Skopje Macedonia

Mercedes CLS55 AMG spotted in Skopje,Maecdonia.this 476 bhp V8 machine was found near a 5 star hotel.if you like the video don't forget to rate and comment. here are more informations : When Mercedes-Benz announced five years ago that it was going to make a car for everyone, I thought that was a figure of speech. But it seems Mercedes really is endeavouring to provide a different model for every single one of the worlds 6.4 billion people. If you are an African dictator with a fuel expenses account paid by Bono and the World Bank you can have a large S-class with a sumptuous and turbocharged V12 engine. If you are a taxi driver in Geneva you can have the same car, but with diesel power and wipe-down seats. Then theres the Maybach, which so far as I can tell was made specifically for Simon Cowell. At the other end of the scale we find the A-class. It was developed after Merc bosses received a letter from a Mr Grant Neville of Huddersfield who said he wanted a car with two floors and five seats. Fine. Mr Neville was very happy. But then they got another letter from a Signor Olivio Pagnietta of Pisa who said he wanted a car exactly the same size as an A-class and with exactly the same number of seats. But only one floor. So they came up with the Vaneo. We see a similar everyman policy with the E-class saloon. They made a version for some chap in Ottawa who wanted a top speed of 145mph. And then a businesswoman from Madrid said she liked the car very much but wanted a top ...

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