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Mercedes CLS 500 Shooting Break AMG Pack

2013 Mercedes CLS 500 4MATIC Shooting Break AMG Pack The CLS Shooting Brake is available with four different engine variants -- two diesel engines and two petrol engines. Features common to all engines include the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission as well as the ECO start/stop function. In addition, two models are available with all-wheel drive: the CLS 350 CDI 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY and the CLS 500 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY. The entry-level model is the CLS 250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY producing 150 kW (204 hp). Combined fuel consumption is 5.3 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres, an excellent level for this performance class and equivalent to CO2 emissions of 139 grams per kilometre. Coming in above this are the two six-cylinder models: the CLS 350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY producing 195 kW (265 hp) and the CLS 350 BlueEFFICIENCY producing 225 kW (306 hp). The top-of-the-range model is the CLS 500 BlueEFFICIENCY with a V8 biturbo engine producing 300 kW (408 hp). The proportions of the CLS Shooting Brake are surprising but clearly those of a coupé, and create a basic stance which makes it look ready for the off: the long bonnet, narrow-look windows with frameless side windows, and dynamic roof sloping back towards the rear. It is only when taking a second look that it becomes clear that the Shooting Break actually has five doors and offers "more" in terms of function. No-one likes to have to compromise: even when the focus is not on the practical elements of the design of the ...

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