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Mercedes CL 55 AMG by FAB Design

Nikola records rare mercedes cl 55 amg by fab design.there is one shot with the opened door.the car was limited on 320 kmh and the interior was pretty cool.i couldn't find review on the internet for this car and i cant help you with the other is review from the standard CL 55 AMG: Recommendations by Loomia The CL500 Coupe on which it's based is no slouch to begin with. A 5.0-liter/302-horsepower/339 lb-ft V-8 moves the two-ton pillarless hardtop with ease. The naturally aspirated '02 CL55 engine delivered a 50-horsepower bonus over that. But the '03 AMG version kicks things up almost 200 notches. The addition of an intercooled screw-type supercharger and a slightly longer stroke results in 5.5 liters, 493 horsepower, and 516 lb-ft of torque. Compare those numbers to your ultimate American or German production sports car. This is serious pavement-buckling, addictive-sound-like-you've-never-heard-before kind of performance--all from a bank-vault-solid premium luxury coupe. Mercy. All this brawn is reined in by sophisticated technology. The handbuilt eight features a Bosch engine-management system that monitors engine load and speed and calculates when to activate an electromagnetic clutch for the supercharger's drive belt. Under light loads, the engine operates as a naturally aspirated unit. Under acceleration, and full-time above 2700 rpm, the supercharger seamlessly engages to deliver a maximum 11.6 psi of boost. A stainless-steel, 2.75-inch four-cat ...

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