Video - Mercedes C63 AMG w/ iPE exhaust - LOUD (170db!)

Videa Mercedes Benz F1 Mercedes C63 AMG w/ iPE exhaust - LOUD (170db!)

Mercedes C63 AMG w/ iPE exhaust - LOUD (170db!)

This is a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG with a iPE Evolution Valvetronic Exhaust System - with Long Equal Length Header, Cat Pipe, X Pipe and Valvetronic Muffler with Titan Tips. The BMW E92 M3 in the video has a iPE F1 Evolution Valvetronic Exhaust. Please leave a comment and give your opinion =) Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more cool videos ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am distributor of iPE Innotech Performance Exhaust in Europe. For more info, please email: (No personal questions to this address) 'Like' my Facebook Page: About iPE-Innotech Performance Exhaust: Official website: Facebook Hope you enjoy it, plenty MORE to come! All feedback is appreciated and thanks again for your support!

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