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Mercedes-Benz W116 450SEL 6.9 1979

This my Mercedes-Benz W116 450SEL 6.9 1979 with a V8 6.9L. The car is in very good condition ! It always had been maintained at the Mercedes-Benz Dealership. I have been owning it for 3 years now( Jan 2009). I used to see this car at the local dealer from time to time, after talking with the 1 owner i left him my business card telling him if he ever sell's it i want to buy it! Sadly he passed away, his nephew got the car as a succession. My business card was in the glove box with a letter from the Owner telling his nephew he felt like when he died he wanted the 6.9 to go in good hands and asked him in the letter to sell me the car right away after his death. I have the original bill of sale/title from when it was purchased in 1979. I have the Mercedes-Benz Contract from 1979, when he ordered the car at the Dealer. I have the 6.9 Booklet and information Pamphlet, all the original book's and even more! This car came with every options available such as heated seats, sunroof, electric windows and orthopedic seats (and some other options not mentioned too) The 6.9 was ordered October 22nd 1979 and the car Arrived from Germany and delivered on January 30th 1980. I am proud to own this one of a kind Mercedes-Benz.

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