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Mercedes Benz W108 W 109 Gallery

Mercedes Benz W 108 W 109 Gallery Thanks to all Mercedes Benz w109-109 owners whose cars apears in the video. They are helping to preserve the historic memory of these great cars The Mercedes-Benz W108/W109 model series was a large luxury car line built by Mercedes-Benz from 1965 through 1972. The W108/W109 was a replacement for the higher end of the "Fintail" sedan range, with three-box styling similar to the W111/W112 coupes. The somewhat controversial fins of the earlier so-called "Heckflosse" W111 were eliminated by designer Paul Bracq. The Range The initial lineup featured three Straight 6 engined W108 (short-wheelbase, coil-sprung suspension) models: the 250S, 250SE and 300SE. The long-wheelbase W109 featured initially just one model, the 300SEL, which was equipped with self-levelling air suspension. New engine The engine in the W108 was based on that fitted in the earlier W111, but the availability of higher octane fuels allowed for a higher compression ratio while the modestly increased weight of the car called for more power. Cylinder bore and stroke both grew, giving rise to a total increase in cylinder capacity of 301 cc to 2496 cc. A change from four to seven main bearings was necessary in order smoothly to handle the resulting increase in power. A larger capacity oil pump was also specified. Con-rods were slightly shortened, reflecting the 6mm longer stroke in a block of unchanged overall height. The redesigned cylinder heads incorporated larger ports, and ...

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