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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Safety Systems Van

Active safety has always been a priority for Mercedes-Benz and they have pioneered a number of technologies. The most recent development is an Adaptive Electronic Stability Program (ESP) that takes the van's load into account. Standard active safety features: Adaptive Electronic Stability Program Anti-lock braking system Acceleration Skid Control Brake Assist System Electronic Brake Force Distribution Wide angle mirror lenses Bulb failure indicator Repeater lamps in mirrors Optional active safety features fitted to the Safety Van: Parktronic parking aid Headlamp wash Heated windscreen Rear view camera Heater booster elements Seatbelt warning Outside air temperature gauge Light and rain sensor Reversing alarm High-level additional indicator lamps Third brake lamp Xenon headlamps with cornering light function Speed limiter (75mph) Cruise control with variable top speed limiter Tyre pressure monitor High visibility seatbelts Telma brake retarder Step exit lamps

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