Video - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Sound!! - 1080p HD

Videa Mercedes Benz SLS Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Sound!! - 1080p HD

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Sound!! - 1080p HD

The incredible looking, thunder sounding SLS AMG! What a car and what a sound. What do you think about the car and sound? I still can't get used to the back, it looks weird to me.. what do you think? ATTENTION! I also have a second channel: I would really appriciate it when you subcribe or send a friend request to this channel! I have more than 16.500 subscribers here at ''jorrie2'' but ''hartvoorautosNL'' only has 900 now... so please help me! Like some other YouTube users I made a personal Facebook page. - Please add me as a friend on Facebook and you will always be up to date! - Jorrik

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