Video - Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Roadster 722 S

Videa Mercedes Benz SLR Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Roadster 722 S

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Roadster 722 S

NYCaddicted spots an incredible SLR McLaren Roadster 722 S in Waiblingen, Germany. This car is limited to only 150 units worldwide. Video shows the exterior + interior of the car. Sorry for the guy speaking to me -_- He asked me how much that car costs and I replied what? ;DI said that to get some extra seconds without talking :P Besides that I was waiting for the owner to arrive for about half an our - but then I had to drive to work unfortunately :( But I hope you'll like it, though. Cam : Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 Made with : Magix Video deluxe 17 Premium HD

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