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Videa Mercedes Benz SLK Mercedes-Benz SLK | TDU2 | Test Drive | HD |

Mercedes-Benz SLK | TDU2 | Test Drive | HD |

Car Specifications: The SLK is a compact roadster manufactured by Mercedes-Benz in three generations; R170 launched in 1996, the R171 in 2004 and R172 in 2011. As one of the first modern retractable hardtop convertibles, the SLK followed the 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder and preceded other retractable hardtops such as the Peugeot 206cc, Lexus SC, Pontiac G6 and the Chrysler Sebring. The SLK Vario-roof was first shown on the SLK II concept car at the 1994 Paris Motor Show.[1] The car went on sale two years later in Europe, and in 1997 in the US. The SLK is built in Bremen, Germany.



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