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Mercedes Benz SLK-Class (2008)

Mercedes Benz SLK-Class (2008) The Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class Roadsters have long captured the hearts of sports car enthusiasts. Incorporating around 650 newly developed parts, the SLK models of 2008 are even more dynamic and now offer an even more emotionally charged driving experience. Key visual enhancements include new-look front and rear sections as well as a meticulously modified interior with a new instrument cluster and three-spoke sports steering wheel. A fast-running V6 sports engine developing 224 kW/305 hp and an optionally available direct-steer system truly bring the bold, dynamic character of the two-seater SLK 350 to the fore. Furthermore, all of the engines in the line-up are now far more economical on fuel and, therefore, emit even less CO2, despite a substantial increase in output in many cases. The new-generation SLK models will be available from April 2008, pricing will be announced early in 2008.

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