Video - Mercedes-Benz S Class - The Bruno Sacco Model CL 500 C140

Videa Mercedes Benz C 111 Mercedes-Benz S Class - The Bruno Sacco Model CL 500 C140

Mercedes-Benz S Class - The Bruno Sacco Model CL 500 C140

S-Class top of the line Mercedes-Benz,a look at the Bruno Sacco CL 500 C140 model In stuttgart Germany Bruno Sacco became to 12. November 1933 in Udine, Italy, born. After its training in Tarvisio and Udine visited it the poly-technical university Turin, where it during the study time Ghia first experiences in the area of the body organization gained. Later he took over for the companies Ghia and Pininfarina smaller orders. In the year 1958 Bruno Sacco began its career Daimler Benz. As stylist and a technical designer he worked under the direction of Karl Wilfert, Friedrich violonist and Béla Barényi at different projects also. For example to Mercedes Benz 600 and to Roadster 230 SL. In addition it took over the Design direction of the project for the safety exhibitions at that time as well as for the so-called „rolling research laboratories ", the experimental vehicles C 111- I and C 111-II. In the year 1970 Sacco took over the line of the department of body construction and measure conception at Daimler Benz. In this time the ESF prototypes developed (experimentation safety vehicle) under its co-operation as well as the model row 123. With the title „upper engineer "stepped Bruno Sacco 1975 the follow-up of Friedrich violonist as directors/conductors of the head department Stilistik on and coined/shaped thus from now on the appearance of the Mercedes Benz passenger vehicles. Developed the Diesel record car C 111-III (1978) and the S-class of the series W 126 (1979) with ...

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