Video - Mercedes-Benz S-Class "Father and Son"

Videa Mercedes Benz S-Class Mercedes-Benz S-Class "Father and Son"

Mercedes-Benz S-Class "Father and Son"

S-Class as a link between two persons and the beginning of their reconciliation. The central character of the film is a family man who has been in conflict with his father for many years. His new S-Class encourages him to set off on the road to reconciliation, a road which is long? both emotionally and in distance. The film is "Made in Germany" in stunningly beautiful landscape, in a visual language which can only be described as magical and with a tremendous leading actor. With "Father and Son" Atelier Markgraph, Begbie and GROUP.IE drive the S-Class 2005 onto the silver screen. CLIENT: Mercedes-Benz AGENCY: Atelier Markgraph PRODUCTION: Group.IE Identity Engineering, Frankfurt DIRECTORS: Begbie MUSIC: schleuse15 / Michael Kadelbach

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