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Videa Mercedes Benz Vito Mercedes-Benz production factory Vitoria

Mercedes-Benz production factory Vitoria

The production plant of the Vito E-Cell in Vitoria, Spain: From the tires to the engine. The full assembly line of a Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL in the factory of vitoria, where the coffee commercial with Al Pacino was made, the tubulars come from and Senna won the GP. The fascinating production process of a Vito E-CELL. The Vito E-CELL is the first local emission-free van for urban or environmentally sensitive areas. The van can transport around 900 kilograms of cargo and the crew bus has space for up to 7 people. With a range of 130 km and a maximum speed of 80 km / h the electric van is perfect for daily delivery work. More MYVAN: ------------------ Subscribe: Visit our channel: facebook: Find us on the web: ------------------

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