Video - Mercedes-Benz O405NH (Diesel, 12.3m) - Transperth Service 102

Videa Mercedes Benz O 405 Mercedes-Benz O405NH (Diesel, 12.3m) - Transperth Service 102

Mercedes-Benz O405NH (Diesel, 12.3m) - Transperth Service 102

As always we aim to cover a wide range of buses as much as possible, and this is the first video of a new series that we hope you will find buses that are a little more interesting than Singapore (and hopefully answering some "What if...?" cases). While uploading may be slow, do stay tuned (and subscribe to us if you haven't done so already!) for updates. The O405NH is the immediate low-floor successor of the original O405 range, developed specifically for the Australian market. It has the same turbocharged OM447hLA engine as SMRT's Volgren O405/O405Gs, only with 4-speed Voith DIWA D864.3 instead of ZF or 3-speed Voith. The wheelchair ramp is installed on the front door (unlike Singapore which is at the rear door) and is fully automatic. Photo Gallery :

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