Video - Mercedes-Benz ML550 Sport--Chicago Cars Direct HD

Videa Mercedes Benz Mercedes-Benz ML550 Sport--Chicago Cars Direct HD

Mercedes-Benz ML550 Sport--Chicago Cars Direct HD

Test drive and walkaround of a PRISTINE 2008 Mercedes-Benz ML550 Sport from Chicago Cars Direct. Outside the change isnt so evident; the new M looks a lot like the old, re-rendered in hi-def. The corners and bodyside lines are a little more creased; the trim and sparse chrome bits a little more defined. The saw-tooth grille insert is reminiscent of machined industrial equipment. Jeweled taillamps and HID headlights complete the high-tech theme. One thing hasnt changed, thoughthat oversized, tri-pointed star on the grille is still suitable for Flava-Flavs accessory drawer. Under the skin, the M has grown up, too. Engine choices are mostly new or updated, from the bread-and-butter V6 ML350 to the tested ML500, with prices increasing concurrent to horsepower. Weve driven the 268-horse ML350 model (at around $39000 to start), and found it to be smooth if not exactly powerful. Zero-to-sixty acceleration is claimed to be an utterly adequate 8.4 seconds. In other words, its entirely sufficient for the soccer mom stereotype that we often see behind the wheel of these machines. And then theres that V8. The heart of the $48500 ML500, weve enjoyed this same motor in a number of Benzesand even in this second-heaviest of applications (the new R-Class non-minivan is just a smidge stouter), its a beaut. With 339 lb.-ft. of torque, theres no shortage of off-the-line gruntand the 302 horsepower rating means the M pulls to way beyond our own limits on public roads (self-imposed restraint ...

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