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Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Off-roader with a pronounced feel for exclusivity: everything gleams, chromes omnipresent. The lines of the GL-Class are as extraordinary as they are family.. its gaze is confidently focused ahead: on a world that is waiting to be discovered. A journey in the GL-class makes you feel on top of the world, and thats use of its size. Its the certainty that everything has been done to perfection where the quality is concerned, the design, the flexibility. It is only when this feeling will change: to one of anticipation. The sheer size of the GL is both impressive and reassuring at the same time. When you enter the vehicle, immediate confirmation of what you had already suspected from looking its exterior: you feel completely safe. Whether youre on the road or off it being generous; theres a place for everything and everyone in its interior. If youre taking off on a long journey with mountains of luggage or planning a freedom. With size comes responsibility. And the GL is only too glad to assume a more than required of it in the form of BlueEFFICIENCY which amounts to low emission and consumption values. Elegance, style, off-road capability? Luxury taken to a new dimension. For the GL is not an ordinary off-roader. A chic companion about town and a real go-getter off the beaten track. But its job is always the same: to take you to your destination

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