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Mercedes Benz G-Class facelift

Mercedes has released the first image of the restyling of the G-Class off-road the carmaker. This is a car that is renewed to keep pace with the times while remaining true to its origins off-road. The official presentation of the G-Class will take place in the coming months, but Mercedes has released a first image of the new G-Class as a backdrop during a photo shoot of the new Mercedes GLK. According to some this would be a mistake photographers and operators who were shooting promotional material for the launch of the Mercedes GLK. According to others it would be a move that has been specifically designed and organized to further increase the curiosity and attention around the new Mercedes G-Class, which will be updated both for what concerns the aesthetic engine. This still image just to understand some of the features of the new car. It is known fact that once the line is still the usual G-Class, very solid, with mirrors that seem to be redesigned from previous. Up front you can also see a new development represented by the LED daytime running lights that have become a typical feature of all new models. In addition to front air intakes that appear to be, at least from the picture, different from the past. Major changes should, however, cover the interior. According to reports gathered have been redesigned on-board instruments, the lower center console, shift lever, controls the management of the new Comand system and even the steering wheel. Regarding the engines ...

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