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Videa Mercedes Benz W21 Mercedes-Benz Faulty SBC Component

Mercedes-Benz Faulty SBC Component

Mercedes-Benz [Aftersales Service], Wandsworth Bridge, London. SW18 1TB has on two occassions fixed/replaced a faulty or substandard SBC unit components on my car E220 Auto Diesel; Reg - SJ53 YON. Full fault finding prcedure was carried out which confirmed that there is nothing wrong with my car on 29 March 2011 & 12 May 2011, but the substandard SBC unit replaced/repaired is faulty. On 20 June 2011, my was back in the above garage for same problem. Till date Mercedes-Benz cannot find a solution to the SBC component of car they manufacture. Probably Toyota in Japan will assist.



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