Video - Mercedes Benz E280 w124 100-200km/t

Videa Mercedes Benz W124 Mercedes Benz E280 w124 100-200km/t

Mercedes Benz E280 w124 100-200km/t

I uploaded this mostly for the über awesome M104 sound! I simply love the roar when it shifts down to 3. gear! Had to stop becuase there was not a lot of stretch left. I don't think this is a very fast car, but consedering the cost of an old w124 and the fact that it is a bone stock nearly 20 year old car and that it runs on about 8litre/100km I think these cars are great value for money! I had an 300E(M103 engine) before, and I think that one was quicker, but this feels quicker for some reason. I think it's because the variable valve timing kicks in at about 4000 rpm and it feels like som kind of "boost" :) Here's more heavenly M104-sound It's sort of sad compared to this But where I live you can get about 10 E280's for the price of 1 E500 :/ Still worth it, though^^

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