Video - Mercedes Benz E 550 x 2 - Transformers 3 Edition

Videa Mercedes Benz E-Class Mercedes Benz E 550 x 2 - Transformers 3 Edition

Mercedes Benz E 550 x 2 - Transformers 3 Edition

Click here, for all the information about this video. NYCaddicted spots a pretty unique car, the modified Mercedes Benz E 550 from the blockbuster Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon ! Two identical models of this car have been built. They took a base E 550, and painted it with a custom blue paint job - chosen by Michael Bay himself. Besides that, the two cars got a number of CEC (Claus Ettensberger Corporation) upgrades - including a custom aerodynamic kit, a new front spoiler, side skirts, a rear skirt, deck lid spoilers, new fenders and a suspension and exhaust system (Brabus exhaust) All black tinted windows & a set of 20" CEC C725 forged rims with matching Michelin PS2 tires. Looking at all these modifications, the car just has to look epic Speaking of 2 cars that have been built, I'm proud to say that I have been able to film both of them ! 1st one in front of the museum in combo with a silver SLS AMG. And the 2nd one in the underground parking garage of the museum. What a lucky find ! In my opinion, the car looks fantastic with all these modifications - I really love it ! There's only one thing, I don't like... Why didn't they take an E 63 AMG instead ?! Would have been even more epic at the end I really hope, that you're going to enjoy this nice find ! And if you would like to, please tell me YOUR opinion about this car. Video shows the exterior of both cars, that have been built. 1st one in combo with an SLS AMG. Camcorder : Canon Legria HF G10 Made with ...

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