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Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 Promo

The CLS is the first passenger car in the world to offer LED High Performance headlamps, which combine the exciting colour elements of LED technology - similar to those of daytime running lamps - with the performance, functionality and energy efficiency of today's bi-xenon generation (as an optional extra). This new light system provides, for the first time ever, the Intelligent Light System already proven in Mercedes models fitted with bi-xenon headlamps in combination with LED technology. The headlamps, with their 71 LED lamps in total, look exciting; and they serve to underline the unmistakable appearance of the CLS. The light specialists from Mercedes-Benz have for the first time been able to use LED technology in the admired and innovative Adaptive Highbeam Assist, resulting in an entirely new level of safety for night-time driving.

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