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Videa Mercedes Benz CL Mercedes-Benz CL WALD W216 Black Bison Edition

Mercedes-Benz CL WALD W216 Black Bison Edition

Since 1992, Wald International has been a specialist in professional customization. Based in Osaka, Japan, the company has proved its quality and knowledge throughout the years not only working on JDM Sports and Luxury cars, but also on the most exquisite 4 wheeled machines coming from Europe. One of Wald's latest creations is this "Sports Line Black Bison Edition," based on the impressive CL-Class from Mercedes-Benz (W216). Modifying such a massive Luxury Coupe has probably been quite a challenge for Wald, but the result combines Elegance and Discrete Bestiality through the use of a complete black body color. From the front grille to the rear spoilers, including rims and other details, this body teint gives the Black Bison Edition a personality of its own. Certainly one of the best looking body work for the W216 Mercedes.

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