Video - Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG LOUD Revving! - 1080p HD

Videa Mercedes Benz Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG LOUD Revving! - 1080p HD

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG LOUD Revving! - 1080p HD

In this video you see two different Mercedes-Benz C63 (Coupe & Estate) fitted with an iPE Innotech Performance exhaust. The first C63 you see has the valves closed, after that the valves opens and the true brutal sound is coming from the exhaust! What do you prefer on the C63 AMG; Stock exhaust or iPE? Let me know in a comment! The C63 AMG (+2008) iPE Package includes: - Headers with Cat-bypass & front link Pipe- replacement for stock headers, fit to stock Cat Pipe - 200 cell Sport Cat (Option) - X link Pipe & Valvetronic Muffler & Tips (Chrome polished tips) - fit to stock front link pipe - Titanium blue plating tips (Option) - Exquisite remote control kit (ECU/2 remote control) - 3 valve mode: auto, open, close - Made in T304 stainless steel - Best quality precision machining & Welding & Craftsmanship - Maximum air flow design for performance - Dramatically increases the sound level - Best product to reinforce your vehicles and a true attention stealer Quick Inquiry: iPE Europe Facebook: iPE Europe Website: Thanks for watching and don't forget to comment and give a thumbs up! Like my Facebook page And add me as a friend: Also subscribe to my second channel:



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