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Mercedes Benz C-class Estate S202 Development The first generation W202 C-Class was introduced in 1993, as a replacement for the Mercedes-Benz W201 (190), and proved immensely popular, quickly becoming Mercedes-Benz's best-selling class of vehicles worldwide. Much of its popularity was accredited to the lower pricing point, when compared to other Mercedes-Benz models. The C-Class sedan was the company's entry-level model up until 1997, when Mercedes launched the A-Class supermini. Styling themes were carried over from the previous W201 series, but the new series had a smoother and rounder design than the previous generation of compact Mercedes.On its debut, the C-Class was the only Mercedes model with a complete lineup of multivalve engines. The new family of four cylinder petrol units, called M111, debuted in the C 180 (1.8 L, 122 PS (120 hp kW)), C 200 (2.0 L, 136 PS (134 hp/100 kW) and C 220 (2.2 L, 150 PS (148 hp/110 kW), the only four cylinder of the range sold in the US). In 1996 the C 220 was replaced by the C 230, enlarged to 2.3 L displacement but with the same output, although with torque increased to 220 N-m (162 ft-lbf). . The top of the range was the C 280, with a four-valve-per-cylinder straight-6 engine, capable of reaching 193 PS (190 hp/142 kW).Four cylinder diesel models were equipped with the same OM601 engine of the 190, in the 2.0 L and 2.2 L versions. Many of these diesel variants were sold as taxis, due to their low fuel consumption and strong reliability. There were also ...



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