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Mercedes-Benz C Class C63 AMG - The C63 AMG owes its outstanding handling dynamics to the AMG sports suspension with an all-new three-link front axle design. The stiff configuration of the springs and gas-pressure shock absorbers ensures optimal road contact and low body movements when negotiat-ing serpentine bends at speed. The new front axle has a 1.4 wider track visible by the more widely flared wheel arches and therefore ensures lower dynamic wheel loads when cornering. A number of features make for substantially greater stability and precision in all driving situa-tions: the redesigned wheel location at the front axle is 100 percent more rigid, leading to a con-siderable improvement in steering precision. Another benefit is realized when braking, as the new wheel location ensures an immediate response even under high dynamic stresses. In combination with the completely new elasto-kinematics configuration, the new wheel location provides greatly improved lateral dynamics and allows the driver of the C63 AMG to benefit from significantly higher cornering speeds. A larger torsion bar stabilizer, new head bear-ings and dampers with rebound buffer springs further enhance this stability and precision. Steer-ing feedback is also improved by the new kinematics. The speed-sensitive AMG sports steering has a ratio of 13.5:1, but feels more direct as a result of moving what is termed the instant center of motion at the front axle. The multi-link independent rear suspension has also been ...

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