Video - Mercedes Benz B-Class launched in India

Videa Mercedes Benz B-Class Mercedes Benz B-Class launched in India

Mercedes Benz B-Class launched in India

Mercedes Benz India launched its most economical offering, the B-class, on September 18, 2012 at an unbelievable price! Check out the video for more information and get the detailed story on OnCars at - Visit for the latest news, reviews, car comparisons and in-depth car research tools that help you make an informed choice about buying a new car by providing you with the on-road price of the car in your city and giving you the ability to book a test drive of the car from the convenience of your living room! Want to know more about the Mercedes Benz B-class? Get all the information you need about the variants, features, technical specifications, reviews, news and on-road prices of the Mercedes Benz B-class in your city on http



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