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Mercedes Benz B Class Expert Review Mercedes Benz B-Class is going to be the first sports tourer in the Indian automobile market. The silhouette of the vehicle is cut, crisp with swage lines and gives you a compact car feel however if you go dimension wise the vehicle is as large as the C-Class. The front fascia is rendered with the large cutting edge grille that proudly bears the Mercedes Benz tri-star insignia. The headlamps are fresh that comes incorporated with day-time running LEDs and bi-xenon lights. The cabin is overhauled completely with restructured instrument panel and is adorned with features like telematics, memory seats, 7 airbags, tyre pressure monitoring system, Attention Assist, ESP, satellite navigation and reverse parking camera. The B-Class comes powered with petrol and diesel variants. The petrol mill is a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine that tames an army of 122 horses. The handling of the B-Class isn't that top class but is good for its size. There is some amount of body roll, and this is well controlled by the ESP. However, the roll does feel prominent for a fraction of a second until the ESP kicks in.



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