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Mercedes Benz A-class W169 Development

The 2009 A-Class features redesigned front and rear bumpers, new tail lamps and headlights, new grille, new exterior mirrors, a restyled interior design and new upholsteries and colors. The 2009 A-Class was released alongside the refreshed 2009 M-Class and B-Class. A four-day, seven-country tour which officially introduced the car culminated in an event in Milan, in the Castello Sforzesco, where all the touring units were received by a myriad of European personalities from music, fashion, sport and movies. Armani presented a fashion show and Christina Aguilera did a live performance of her song "Hello", composed exclusively for the occasion. The W169 advertising campaign included television spots with Christina Aguilera, Giorgio Armani and Boris Becker. Sales of the W169 were targeted at 50000 units in 2004. Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Mercedes Car Group, said that target had been reached even before vehicles arrived in dealer showrooms. DaimlerChrysler invested EUR 900 million in developing the Rastatt plant where the A-Class is produced, and created 1600 new jobs (for a total of 4700). A further 600 people work on the industrial estate at the plant site. In 1999, Mercedes Benz opened, in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais (Brazil), its first factory in South America dedicated to passenger cars, with an investment of USD 840 million and 10000 employees. The factory initially produced A-Class and C-Class models, assembling them from pieces ...

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