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Mercedes Benz A 250 Sport Cirrus White

When you say sport in connection to Mercedes, you say AMG. In this case, the six white cars waiting for us to be tested were not AMG-models. We will have to wait another year for the ultra sporty A 45 AMG to arrive on the European markets. By the way, it was just announced that the number 45 is intended to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Mercedes' performance division.Until then, the fastest A-Class will be the A 250 Sport 'engineered by AMG'. Indeed, the engineers in Affalterbach, Germany, are responsible for the sporty set up of the chassis, a special developed front axle, the transmission, steering gear and brakes. This model shows that Mercedes intends to go after the competition, a move that was impossible with the outgoing A-Class. With a much more dynamic look, also the driving dynamics, the new 'A' should be on par with the competitors in the premium compact segment, BMW and Audi. But is the A 250 Sport good enough to chase their sportiest models?



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