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Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman M100

The Mercedes-Benz 600 was a large luxury automobile, intended to represent the absolute pinnacle of automotive engineering. When introduced in September, 1963, it had few competitors, except Rolls-Royce and stretched limousines produced by Cadillac and Lincoln. It was intended to be driven by a chauffeur, and featured an internal power window separating the front and rear seats. Production began in 1964 and most 600 variants were built until 1972. The oil crisis, as well as the introduction of new S-Class models, slowed demand. Modest production continued until 1981. During this time, 2677 vehicles were made. The 600 featured many luxuries, including a complex hydraulic system which powered everything with a pressure of 150 bar, from the windows and seats to the automatically closing doors and boot. The 600 is also notable for having the world's loudest horn fitted to any production car, as demonstrated by Jeremy Clarkson in episode 5, series 11 of Top Gear.

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