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Mercedes-Benz .... Star People is an insightful and entertaining look at Mercedes-Benz owners and their cars. Spanning the globe from America to Africa, from Europe to Asia and the Middle East, the documentary explores the love affair with a brand that began in 1900. For many, the vehicles are sleek symbols of status, success and achievement. For others, they are childhood dreams that represented an emotional connection to something that is more than just a car. The film will feature interviews with Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts from all backgrounds, including celebrities such as Jay Leno and Jack Nicholson. With hundreds of clubs and yearly events around the world plus the thousands of Mercedes-Benz owners, Star People will highlight the stories that resonate with each one of us.......TAG : W220 W221 W123 W108 W126 W124 W140 W212 E-Class S-Class cabriolet 230E 300SE S500 500SEL 560SEL

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