Video - Mercedes Benz 170 S, 1951 model, exterior

Videa Mercedes Benz W15 Mercedes Benz 170 S, 1951 model, exterior

Mercedes Benz 170 S, 1951 model, exterior - This beautiful Mercedes Benz, with its characteristic white tire rings, is a fine piece inside and outside. It was built in 1951, the year of coctails and Dior dresses, and great advancements in technology with the Univac I supercomputer that took up 35 sq m of space, with a memory that could contain 1000 words. The music was decidedly romantic and pre-rock'n'roll, with names like Nat King Cole and Frankie Laine topping the charts. Instead of 1000 words, the video is a much better way to describe the Mercedes. This video shows the exterior of the car and the engine which runs very well. It is available for sale. Don't miss video # 2 which shows the interior:

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