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Mercedes Benz 170 Cabriolet 1934

Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet C. Far from being a big and opulent car is known as the "Mercedes for the Masses." Produced from 1931 through 1936, the Type 170 W15 was available in a variety of body styles, including two- and four-door sedans, an attractive roadster and Cabriolets in both A, B and C Forms. The Cabriolet C on offer features a body by the Mercedes-Benz in-house Sindelfingen coachworks. . This Mercedes-Benz 170 is a wonderful and rarer car. A Ford Model A size car is as far removed from a model A as you can get. The inline overhead valve 6 cylinder engine was a smallish by standards of the time being a 1.7 liter (103 CID) but it put out a healthy 35 HP and 66 lbs. of torque. This is a car made for the wealthier masses not the giant cars that are associated with the Nazi high command. In comparison to what was available in North America, the 170 was sophisticated and refined more in line as a small Packard than a Ford or Chevrolet..



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