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Videa Mercedes Benz W191 Mercedes 170DS frame, engine running

Mercedes 170DS frame, engine running

1952 170DS, direct mechanical fuel injection, running for the first time in probably decades. It still has lots of oil, coolant, and fuel leaks. The shell is being repainted at another location. The white smoke will not go away, even though the compression is over 300psi on all cylinders. The injectors appear to work well, but the pump's lubrication reservoir fills up with diesel. The engine has 3 different lubrication systems- engine, injector pump, and water pump. Some models came with a central lubrication system. Double wishbone, no leafsprings. It has 22 zerk fittings. The rear differential is mounted to the frame and the rear wheels move on swing axles. ---- We did get most of the white smoke to go away by retarding the fuel injector slightly. It was supposed to be 32 deg btdc, and it was actually slightly more.

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