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This video was taken December 16th 2009 inside the community, "Hope Ranch," in Santa Barbara, CA. Please excuse the cut-off tee shirt of the driver. I wish I had my golf hat but that was stolen when my Acura TL was broken into last March 16th in Los Angeles. Sadly, Mercury insurance (never go with them) have not yet replaced my loss. Anyhow, the car you see was given to me by my uncle who moved and could not take the car with him. He said, "Enjoy it, but if you sell it, I want some of the money." Well, thank you University of California for raising fees by 32%! I now have to sell the coolest gift ever given to me. So yes, this vehicle is for sale. It has only ~7200 miles and runs like a champ! I drove it down from Seattle last December 15th during the worst storm they had in like 20 years. As you can see, the car and myself made it with out a scratch. I have had over $3800 worth of maintenance completed on the car. I do not drive it much becuase it is not registered yet and if you live out of state you can feel comfortable knowing the car is not CA legal. Yes, it has a catalytic converter on it, but it has some nice engine mods on it that make it a beast. I'm no mechanic, so if you need details, let me know and I will find them out. I have all books and records on this vehicle.

1934 Mercedes 500K, Replica, Aaron Schulman, Berkshire Heritage Motor Cars



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