Video - Maybach 57 for rent at Orange Yacht Charters

Videa Mercedes Benz MAYBACH Maybach 57 for rent at Orange Yacht Charters

Maybach 57 for rent at Orange Yacht Charters

Orange Yacht Charters | we take care. This video is of the Maybach 5.7 we have available for rent. The car is a special edition and comes with full options. This highly luxurious Limousine comes with a driver. Daily and short term rentals available. Rental can be combined with Yacht Charter. More information on Orange Yacht Charters is the luxurious Yacht Charter Service in Spain. With our main office in Palma de Mallorca and other offices in Madrid and Allicante. We have superyachts available for charter in the Mediterranean. Orange Yacht Charters if famous for its high service level, which is unrecognized in the business. We also have supercars for rent such as the Maybach 5.7, Mercedes SLR McLaren and many more. We also provide chauffeur services, personal assistant services and event organizing services. Offices in Palma de Mallorca, Madrid and Allicante, Spain. More information:

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