Video - Mansory SLR McLaren 777 acceleration

Videa Mercedes Benz SLR Mansory SLR McLaren 777 acceleration

Mansory SLR McLaren 777 acceleration

Like me on Facebook - In August of 2011 I had the very exciting opportunity to shoot my friends Mansory SLR McLaren for the cover of Dupont Registry! After a 3 hour photo shoot in the studio I shot this short video of the car cautiously being pulled out and driven away. I have a few other videos of this car on my channel before the body kit was installed and the car was painted from all black to this beautiful white. Please visit Luxury4Play and head over to the Mercedes section to see a thread on the full build of this car and all the effort that has gone into making it the worlds fastest SLR McLaren!! Please leave a comment and subscribe. Enjoy!

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