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M-100 Powered Mercedes Benz

A short film that stars the M-100 Powered Mercedes Models from the 60's and 70's. The 600 "Grosser" was a car built without comprimise powered by the first generation M-100 Engine, a 6.3 Litre V8. Some nice footage in the car with a demonstartion of speed and incredible turning circle! The 300 SEL 6.3 was the result of an interesting experiment of fitting the 6.3 Litre V8 from the 600 into Mercedes standard sedan. Absolutly stunning car with Raw Power, in car footage in this film. The 450 SEL 6.9 featered the M-100 engine, this time displacing 6.9 Litres. A more refined package than the 6.3 and featureing hydrolic suspension that provides a magic carpet ride. Nice drive by in this film of a low milage 6.9. Enjoy the footage and there will be more to follow soon.

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