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Videa Mercedes Benz Viano LLR: Mercedes-Benz Key to Viano

LLR: Mercedes-Benz Key to Viano

For their customer Mercedes-Benz Vans, Lukas Lindemann Rosinski implemented an interactive outdoor event on Wall AG's digital advertising displays in Berlin underground station Friedrichstrasse, which blurred the line between classical outdoor advertising and interactive entertainment. Under the slogan "Key to Viano", passers-by were offered the unprecedented opportunity to control digital advertising displays using their own remote car keys. Together with technical- and software engineers, LLR developed a system which recognizes the remote car key signals via a radio receiver, informs the control unit of the digital LCD projectors and starts a new film clip each time a signal is received. To set the stage for this interactive event, centring around the 12 digital advertising displays opposite the platform, the underground station had to undergo a near complete redesign, accomplished in collaboration with WallDecaux Berlin. Every time a remote car key -- no matter for which brand of car -- was operated, the side door of a digital Viano opened, and different kinds of passengers descended the vehicle: sometimes weird, sometimes colourful, sometimes from another world. But they all had one thing in common: They strikingly demonstrated the impressive capacity of the Viano's passenger compartment. A passerby could, with a bit of luck, capture the film clip showing a Viano with chauffeur waiting for him. In this case, the Mercedes-Benz promotion team present on location invited ...

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