Video - Lina van de Mars: Pimp a L319 Mercedes-Benz

Videa Mercedes Benz Vario Lina van de Mars: Pimp a L319 Mercedes-Benz

Lina van de Mars: Pimp a L319 Mercedes-Benz

The MYVAN L319 tuning and restoration Project with Lina van de Mars: Part 1: A Barn Find The automobile mechanic, vintage car enthusiast and TV host Lina van de Mars takes a trip to Luxembourg together with our presenter Neil to search for the MYVAN heritage van: a true L319. Known to its fans as the "mother of all light van" or as the "original van" this refers to the first van with the star, introduced at the IAA in 1955. Today it is considered the forerunner of many successful Mercedes-Benz van generations up to the current Sprinter, Vito and Vario. More MYVAN: ------------------ Subscribe: Visit our channel: facebook: Find us on the web: ------------------

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