Video - Lil' Wayne's SLS AMG and Maybach 62 in Miami Beach!

Videa Mercedes Benz MAYBACH Lil' Wayne's SLS AMG and Maybach 62 in Miami Beach!

Lil' Wayne's SLS AMG and Maybach 62 in Miami Beach!

Become a fan on Facebook for the latest updates and more! *DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a paparazzi, I greatly dislike them and their methods, and I never aspire to be one! They're quite honestly scumbags and assholes, and all I was trying to do was get a quick glance at Lil' Wayne, not get in his face and ask stupid questions. This is far different than what a paparazzi would do!* Anywyas, WOW, is really all I can say regarding this situation. Living in Los Angeles, I've seen my share of celebrities, but 95% I don't even get close to flipping out over because their shows or movies don't have that much value to me. But in Miami, where the rap/hip hop scene flourishes, it's a different story. I'm an avid Lil' Wayne fan and listener, so of course when I saw him, I was shaking of excitement. I was just outside of the famous Miami restaurant Prime One Twelve-which has amazing truffle macaroni and cheese, by the way-shooting a new Gallardo SL LP570-4 and the SLS parked next to it, when I hear a familiar voice. When I turn, I see a guy that looks and sound so similar to Lil' Wayne, but it's not him. I thought that was weird and dismissed it for a lookalike, but when the real Weezy came out of the restaurant and the Maybach 62 pulled up to whisk him away, I knew it was the real deal. I tried to just casually shoot the SLS starting up and driving away, but if I told you that I didn't care about getting Lil' Wayne himself in the video, I'd be lying ;) In the end ...

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