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Lexus LF-CC Concept (First Images) First official pictures of the LF-CC concept, which previews the next-generation Lexus IS The Lexus LF-CC concept has been revealed ahead of its debut at the Paris Motor Show. The sleek LF-CC will preview the next generation of IS saloon models, which are likely to be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January. The LF-CC also hints at an IS coupe version that will probably arrive later in 2013. The bold new LF-CC concept gets a dramatic grille, new L-shaped 'arrowhead' LED lights and three separate housings for the headlamps, while an aggressive rear light design follows on from the daring design of the front. The LF-CC has a new hybrid powertrain, due in the next IS. Lexus says the 2.5-litre petrol engine and electric motor will produce around 200bhp and emit less than 100g/km of CO2. Takeshi Tanabe, who worked on the designs of the RX, CT and new LS models, said that Lexus is going for "something different, something unique from the big three German companies" with the LF-CC and, by extension, the next IS. "Lexus models are seen as good but maybe a little bit boring," he admitted. "That is something that cars like the LF-CC are going to change." The LF-CC's cabin has been designed to showcase what we can expect from Lexus models of the near future. Tanabe said: "There's a lot of strong horizontal shapes in the interior and we've also fitted a 'vision of the future' HMI (Human Machine Interface)." Currently, the system uses a movable mouse, but in the ...



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